Our Story

Williamsport, Pennsylvania, the home of Little League Baseball and Joni Cooper Stovroff. Along came Morton Stovroff from Buffalo, N.Y. who swept Joni off her feet and the rest is history.

sttTogether they formed Stovroff & Herman Realtors in Buffalo, NY in 1958. It was not fashionable for women to work back then. Not only did Joni work, she was the major force behind the company’s growth. She may be small but she is certainly mighty!

In 1988 Morton decided retirement sounded enticing. Joni was not about to retire, no way! So another venture began. Joni formed Stovroff & Taylor Travel, Ltd. with business partner Jacque Taylor. Long hard hours of work and non-stop energy have been synonymous with both businesses.

Real Estate was only on the back burner temporarily however. When the opportunity to go back into real estate presented itself in 2004, Joni couldn’t resist. Together, she and Jacque Taylor opened Stovroff & Taylor Realtors under the same roof as Stovroff & Taylor Travel.


What a great combination: Travel and Real Estate.

Western New York is “sold” on the Stovroff name!

Be it for Travel
Be it for Real Estate
You’re at the right place!

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